Monday, April 21, 2008

Writer Talk: Active voice vs Passive voice

I admit it. When writers use what I call "writer talk," I get totally lost. I have some great writers who have been kind enough to critique some of my work.

As a baby writer this can be overwhelming. It is good for you, but overwhelming all the same. Something that always confuses me is passive and active voice. Today I am researching this as a part of my new "teach myself to write" program.

I have found some interesting websites to help me with this and wanted to share.

Grammar Online

Self-Test Quiz: The Choking Dog: Exercise on Passive Voice

Grammar Exercises - Passive Voice
Passive Voice
shh embarassing since I speak english-but hey whatever works! lol

I hope this can help someone!

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jodi said...

Hi Traci, I'm good with active versus passive voice. If you want to be a brave soul, and send me a few pages of wip that you're having problems with--AND you're okay with me dissecting it as part of my...probably continuing forever series...I'd love to give you an in-depth breakdown of how and why

you can reach me through Divas, and my website (not my blog) has an e-mail link.

let me know what you think. :)

Katie Reus said...

I remember the first contest feedback I received telling me to use more active verbs I was so confused! Just fyi, there's a setting in Microsoft Word under tools, options, then spelling and grammar has an option under settings and if you click the passive button, it will highlight all the passive phrases. (hope these directions make sense)

Not all passive phrases are bad, and I ignore some of the reminders, but its a nice little tool :)

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