Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How to romance your partner

In honor of Valentine's Day I wanted to blog about how to be romantic with your partner.

I think it is a myth that men do not want or appreciate romance from the woman in their life, and that men should do all the romancing. I know my hubby feels appreciated when I do something romantic for him or with him.

Knowing my husband like I do I know he appreciates when I make a romantic meal. Here is one of our favorites to share together.

Here is a great menu from, fairly easy and super yummy!

After dinner how about treating him to a mixed drink and a movie you both can love.

Passionate Kiss coctail

A favorite movie for hubby and I is Jerry Maguire, what could be better than sports for him, and romance for me. Woot!

After dinner how about treating him to a massage, when he recprocates you have the start of some great extended foreplay!

And last but not least read him some erotica! This is a great way to introduce him to one of your fantasies in a safe way. And speaking of erotica, keep watching my blog for my first chapter of my new work in progress, there is chocolate involved!