Friday, February 22, 2008

So I've been tagged...

Man, I am so boring but okay Cinthia tagged me so here are the rules...

Here's the way it works if I've tagged you:

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3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.
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1) I loved to read so much I often skipped school to read. It was mostly romance novels. I read the Harlequins then and I can fool some people into thinking I am well traveled. lol

2) I often predict future events of people who are close to me. For instance I told my husband one night that if he ever cut his finger at work to put it in a baggie on ice. A couple of weeks later...yep he lost his middle finger to the first knuckle. Put it on ice but they were unable to save it. So I was mostly right.

3) Ice cream is my weakness! I am on weight watchers and have not had ice cream in a month. Torture!

4) I have a knack for remembering bits and pieces of info from tv shows. I often give people info from shows like 20/20 from years and years ago.

5) I HATE horror movies. I have not watched one since I was about fourteen.

6) I leave the shower curtain halfway open when showering.

i will add the tagged peiple later :)


Katie Reus said...

Weight watchers has those Smart Ones desserts (including icecream) so stop torturing yourself!!